The Only Facility sneak peak

The Only Facility is a MMO that takes place in the near future after aliens have invaded the earth and devastated the land with their technology. Meanwhile, at Area 51 the remanent personnel hold out in a Facility built into a mountain near Area 51. After many years corruption had taken over and tested on the remaining descendants of survivors of the devastating attack. Not knowing that there was other survivors out there the testing went on and no one escaped. Now it is up to you to pick a path, Rogue or Loyal. Which will you choose?


Overwatch Hanumura defense choke tactics 

 When it comes to setting up your defense on Hanumura make shure you take a Mercy or a lucio with you because it can effect you a lot due to lucio being extremly viable on all maps, mercy too. If you really want to push back the attacking team then in advise that you use a bastion or a torb. For that will get the enemy team frustrated but make shure you watch out for phara’s attacking your torb or bastion. Make shure that you hold the gate choke and wait for those team sweep ults. When you turret is down, protect the torb when he is building it up again. Surprise the enemy team with cheeky turrets that can kill them.

On point B the choke point is so viable because that if they get through it then you basicly lost. You need to set up turrets that can surprise them in areas that will sweep the team and push them back.

Remember, group up and protect your healers.

I’ll see you all later!

Overwatch Hanumura attack choke point tactics.

On choke maps like let’s say the Hanumura gate on point A, you need to have a strategy in getting through that choke. If you advise on using a few ults to clear point A, then that’s fine. But if you would sweep point B too then I advise saving some high DPS ults like Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor. For that will get you a few kills to take the points. But, if you don’t enough ults to clear then I advise pushing with a Zarya or a Rein. Make shire that your team’s supports are not getting killed. For the supports are key in taking those points. So, protect your supports.

When it comes to the time to take point B I advise using a flank option to surprise the enemy team. Remember to group up and wait for the rest of your team even if it takes 15 secs. Off the clock. You will see a lot of the time in competitive that teams will group up to get a better strength on a choke point push, usually, it can benefit your team to have the full strength of your team to push the choke. Make sure to avoid any snipers or turrets.

Remember, group up and protect your healers.

That’s all and soon I will be posting a defense tactic post. So tune in!

War Forged

Ability Scores

+2 con +1 str -1 int


Infinity years

Come of age at 0


Alignment of builder




30 ft


Heat metal spell


Language of builder


10 ft darkvision 30+ perception mod passive perception



Construct Nature

does not require food water sleep or air to live

Physical description

they look like big strong humans made from metal and wood they have red or blue eyes they are 7 ft tall and weigh 600 pounds

History and society

They live with their builder or master they are built constructs

Sub races

Built for war

+1 str +1 con

Built for hunting

+1 dex +1 wis

Space Elf

Ability scores



400 years

come of age at 29






Common, elf


Passive perception 35+perception mod


Resistance to arcana

Weakness to fire

Arcana ability




Default DNA


Physical description

They look like humans put they have pointy ears blue skin catish eyes and no hair

History society

They were created with space orcs on the planet Tolkien

Plauge Doctor

Hit Points


At first 1d6+4




Choose 2 from resistance, medicine, history, arcana


Plague doctor garments

A 2 potion of healing B 2 weak medicine

A Syringe of weakness B syringe of minor death

3d8+4 gold

Plague Resistance

when DM wants to give them a dc they can roll a DC 10 CON ST to not catch it



Bird Caller
Birds can not have an evil alignment  towards them
Healer Of Disease
When healing a living creature they do 1+1/2 the healing they roll or are granted