Overwatch Competitive 

When it comes to Competitive Overwatch you should be at least lvl. 25 for that is the requirement to start your placement matches. Competitive gives your rank based on how well you did in your ten placement matches.

The Competitive ranks are: Bronze (1-1499 sr), Silver (1500-1999 sr), Gold (2000-2499 sr), Platinum (2500-2999 sr), Diamond (3000-3499 sr) Master (3500-3999 sr), Grandmaster (4000+ sr) and TOP 500 (top 500 players in your region regardless of tier)

Currently, Overwatch is in Comp. season 4, (Comp. = Competitive) and how the ranking goes is let’s say I was in Silver in season 3 (which I was) in season 4 even if i did my best, won all my games, ect. I would still get Bronze- Silver rank. Let’s say In season 1 I was in Top 500, in season 2, I would get Grandmaster- top 500. (None of this is true xD) so basically, even if you win all your placement matches you will still get a rank in the same category as your last season rank regardless of how well you did.

The rounds/games of Comp. are different to quick play. They go bye matches, let’s say we have 2 rounds and we win one and the enemy wins the second, it would go on to round three. It goes all the way to round 5 and if you tie then, it Draws, And both teams kinda win. If you loose, then your SR goes down a little bit, if you win, your SR goes up a little bit and you get a few Competitive points.

Currently in season 4 your SR decays due to inactivity. To stop that, just play once a day. Or you loose your rank.

I hope his helps you with your matches. Also, you usually see teams   group up or kill the healers first. And if someone tells you to switch to a rank or healer, do it, you probably need it.

Remember always, stay as a team and protect your healers. This is Smuh again giving you another Overwatch tactic.


The Only Facility class tree

In the MMO The Only Facility players can pick two paths. Loyal, which allows you to climb the ranks of personnel from a test subject. Or then Rogue path, which is the class that you pick if you would like to explore the wasteland and fight off Operatives, Special Operatives and Field Agents. 

Loyal Path

If you choose this path then you will start out as a Test Subject but next be able to choose the paths, Operative, Reasercher, Technician or

Operative Branch

You achieve Field Scientist if you pick Operative And from that you can pick Special Operative. And from THAT there is Warden which is he highest rank in the Operative branch.

Technician Branch

You achieve Chemical Technitian after you choose the Technician path. After that, you can choose Infantry Technician and after that you choose Head Of Tech. Which is the highest rank in that Branch.

Research Branch

After choosing the Researcher class you can rank up to Testing Researcher and then to Chemical Researcher, and the last would be Head Of Research.

Scientist Branch

The Scientist Branch allows you to rank up to Chemical Scientist, then to Testing Scientist and the final rank for that Branch would be Head Of Science.

Rogue Branch

When you choose the Rogue path then you have the chance to escape the Facility and into the open world. When you choose this path you start out as a test subject but you do not climb ranks. You have the ability to build your empire/civilization once you escape the Facility. When you choose this path you have the ability to build your own empire but you may not controll everything in the Facility like high personnel.

That’s all the ranks!

The Only Facility sneak peak

The Only Facility is a MMO that takes place in the near future after aliens have invaded the earth and devastated the land with their technology. Meanwhile, at Area 51 the remanent personnel hold out in a Facility built into a mountain near Area 51. After many years corruption had taken over and tested on the remaining descendants of survivors of the devastating attack. Not knowing that there was other survivors out there the testing went on and no one escaped. Now it is up to you to pick a path, Rogue or Loyal. Which will you choose?

Overwatch Hanumura defense choke tactics 

 When it comes to setting up your defense on Hanumura make shure you take a Mercy or a lucio with you because it can effect you a lot due to lucio being extremly viable on all maps, mercy too. If you really want to push back the attacking team then in advise that you use a bastion or a torb. For that will get the enemy team frustrated but make shure you watch out for phara’s attacking your torb or bastion. Make shure that you hold the gate choke and wait for those team sweep ults. When you turret is down, protect the torb when he is building it up again. Surprise the enemy team with cheeky turrets that can kill them.

On point B the choke point is so viable because that if they get through it then you basicly lost. You need to set up turrets that can surprise them in areas that will sweep the team and push them back.

Remember, group up and protect your healers.

I’ll see you all later!

Overwatch Hanumura attack choke point tactics.

On choke maps like let’s say the Hanumura gate on point A, you need to have a strategy in getting through that choke. If you advise on using a few ults to clear point A, then that’s fine. But if you would sweep point B too then I advise saving some high DPS ults like Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor. For that will get you a few kills to take the points. But, if you don’t enough ults to clear then I advise pushing with a Zarya or a Rein. Make shire that your team’s supports are not getting killed. For the supports are key in taking those points. So, protect your supports.

When it comes to the time to take point B I advise using a flank option to surprise the enemy team. Remember to group up and wait for the rest of your team even if it takes 15 secs. Off the clock. You will see a lot of the time in competitive that teams will group up to get a better strength on a choke point push, usually, it can benefit your team to have the full strength of your team to push the choke. Make sure to avoid any snipers or turrets.

Remember, group up and protect your healers.

That’s all and soon I will be posting a defense tactic post. So tune in!