Rank Descriptions

Field Scientist recovers rouges

Operative guards and defends against attacks

Special Operative attacks other facilities and recovers materials

Warden controls the facility

Chemical technician builds fixes and controls machines

Infantry technician defends against hackers

Head of tech controls technology

Testing Researcher does research on how to test

Chemical Researcher does research on chemicals and controls botany

Head of research controls research

Chemical scientist tests chemicals

Testing scientist tests on test subjects

Head of science controls testing

Testing subject is tested on or can go rouge

Lab assistant helps everywhere

There are personal for every branch

Operator surveys branch

Moderator takes care of small problems in their branch

Secretary controls business with other branches

Administrator employees and fires workers

Chief surveys branch security

Vice head surveys control of the branch

Head is also personal and controls branch

Other personal are warden, Admin of elsewhere which controls tunnel to elsewhere, vice president who makes sure facility is in control, and president who has complete power over the facility


42 thoughts on “Rank Descriptions”

  1. Martioncat, edit these new desc. On the ones that needed changed. I think you just got confused, its late.

    Chemical technician is someone that engineers new toxins, infantry technician is the weapons engineers basicly.

    Testing Researcher is someone that researches the tests that will occur.


      1. I can’t believe we’re on this late. I’m watching the record with Greta with my mom run in her room.👌🏿


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