The Only Facility class tree

In the MMO The Only Facility players can pick two paths. Loyal, which allows you to climb the ranks of personnel from a test subject. Or then Rogue path, which is the class that you pick if you would like to explore the wasteland and fight off Operatives, Special Operatives and Field Agents. 

Loyal Path

If you choose this path then you will start out as a Test Subject but next be able to choose the paths, Operative, Reasercher, Technician or

Operative Branch

You achieve Field Scientist if you pick Operative And from that you can pick Special Operative. And from THAT there is Warden which is he highest rank in the Operative branch.

Technician Branch

You achieve Chemical Technitian after you choose the Technician path. After that, you can choose Infantry Technician and after that you choose Head Of Tech. Which is the highest rank in that Branch.

Research Branch

After choosing the Researcher class you can rank up to Testing Researcher and then to Chemical Researcher, and the last would be Head Of Research.

Scientist Branch

The Scientist Branch allows you to rank up to Chemical Scientist, then to Testing Scientist and the final rank for that Branch would be Head Of Science.

Rogue Branch

When you choose the Rogue path then you have the chance to escape the Facility and into the open world. When you choose this path you start out as a test subject but you do not climb ranks. You have the ability to build your empire/civilization once you escape the Facility. When you choose this path you have the ability to build your own empire but you may not controll everything in the Facility like high personnel.

That’s all the ranks!


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