Overwatch Hanumura defense choke tactics 

 When it comes to setting up your defense on Hanumura make shure you take a Mercy or a lucio with you because it can effect you a lot due to lucio being extremly viable on all maps, mercy too. If you really want to push back the attacking team then in advise that you use a bastion or a torb. For that will get the enemy team frustrated but make shure you watch out for phara’s attacking your torb or bastion. Make shure that you hold the gate choke and wait for those team sweep ults. When you turret is down, protect the torb when he is building it up again. Surprise the enemy team with cheeky turrets that can kill them.

On point B the choke point is so viable because that if they get through it then you basicly lost. You need to set up turrets that can surprise them in areas that will sweep the team and push them back.

Remember, group up and protect your healers.

I’ll see you all later!


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