Mind flayer

Medium abberation, lawful evil

Armor class 12

Hit points 8d6+12

Speed 30

Ability scores STR 10 DEX 11 CON 11 INT 17 WIS 17 CHA 15 LCK 16

Skills arcana+7 persuasion+5

senses Darkvision 120 passive perception 44

Languages secret, common, illithid, physcic

level to be encountered 14

Damage immunities psychic

No. Encountered 1-8

Rarity very rare

Where to be found lair, darkiros


Extract brain (recharge 2-4 turns) creature that is grappled by mind flayer must make a DC10 int ST or lose their brain and have all hit points drained to 0

Mind blast +5 to hit any creature hit in a 10 ft range must take 10d4 psychic damage

Spell casting


psychic punch

psychic headbutt





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